League of Legends Star Guardian Ahri Fanrt

in #art6 years ago

So Ahri's changes have come to the PBE! (public test realms) and I can't tell if I'm excited or not... I really like how Ahri is currently and I'm perfectly content but the changes if they come will make her have more damage and be more assassin like so I'm hopeful for that, just hope she isn't pick or banned all the time. :( Going to be really weird adjusting to having no q movement speed and the delay on the foxfires. I bet she'll be okay though and she'll still be my favorite champion. <3 And since these changes have been announced I decided to draw probably my favorite skin for her, star guardian! Even though arcade is right up there too.


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See I told you that you could do this and it'd come out great! I am glad you are posting and showing off your art. Great post!!! ❤️ 🌹

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