Winter's Child

in art •  last year  (edited)

oil on canvas

This is a small format painting (27 x 19 cm) that I made as a gift to my godfather for the first birthday of his son. Although I like to work portraits, I do not think they are part of my poetry, and I could count on my fingers of one hand how much I've done in the past twenty years. Nevertheless, the human face is a special universe and I will probably be at one moment committed to that topic that must be carefully and thoroughly approached. When painting certain persons becide other qualities, the most important thing is to penetrate the person's character. Deviations from the factual are permissible and desirable only if they contribute to certain character, but they must not pass to the cartoon.
I called the picture a winter child because the child was born in the middle of winter to the glory of St. Nicholas, by whom he got his name.

001 (2).JPG 006.JPG 005 (2).JPG

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Beautiful Painting @montiljo!!! 👏🎨

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Thank you very much!

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It's great! Is St. Nicholas what I see in the reflection of his eyes?

OMG I haven't noticed that :O If it is, it's an amazing detail and I love it.

Thank you! Yes it is. :)

It is an adorable portrait!

Thank you Kathleen!