The act of destruction, the act of creation

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The photography plays a special role in the ‘Monomoda’ project. Through the photography we present not only models and their outfits, but we also show disability as something absolutely normal and well known.

We used to think about photography as about documentation of surrounding space, so this way it represents certain piece of reality. But when we have a look at history of photography, we quickly understand that creative operations left on photography material could open the door to the new world of creation. Looking through works of artists like Edward Hartwig, Bronisław Schlabs, Stanisław Woś or Marian Kucharski can prove that photography has the fourth dimension, depending on creativity of photographer only.


Modifications done on the negatives of photos of Ewa complete and highlight her inner strength and self-confidence. Her facial expression is much stronger than creatively destroyed negative. It might be understood as the metaphor of disability, which is a different, but totally normal world.


The photos of Ewa has been cut, burnt and blurred. These acts were inspired by works of Bronisław Schlabs and Zdzisław Beksiński, which some time ago were described as anti-photography.

Krzysztof Ślachciak




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Excelente, el concepto y la composición son geniales. Me parece que éste tipo de trabajos fotográficos son muy necesarios en la dinámica actual porque muestran un discurso diferente, llevan un mensaje. Definitivamente tienen ese toque de inspiración de Bronisław Schlabs y Zdzisław Beksiński.

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