Dragon Skull Paintovers

in art •  last year

Earlier this year my husband, Lynton Levengood, did 3 dragon skull sculpts in Zbrush. Since then he has been doing paintovers to show what the dragons would have looked like alive.

You can see more of his work over on Artstation
The comments are from his Instagram at LyntonLevengood


"The third and final skull 💀,Thuban! It's #Friday! And that means it's the end of the working week (for some). It's a great time to stop and reflect on whether you've spent enough time designing dragon skulls. It's something we all wrestle with and I want you to know, your not alone. Chances are there is someone within 500 meters of you, in another house or stuck in traffic. So be encouraged, and it's Friday."

Here is a video of the paintover process sped up. If you're not into heavy metal I would suggestplaying it with the sound off :)


" The completed second skull 💀, Rastaban. The most important thing to do when sculpting dragon skulls in Zbrush is to not add eyes, flesh or skin. If you do that you will have in fact sculpted a regular dragons head 🐲 and not only it's skull 💀. It's a very common error. To avoid it I find it helpful to aim for dragon head but do less than required. "


Watch more of his tutorials and timelapse videos over on his youtube channel Illustrations by Lynton Levengood

Thanks for watching!

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Wow - Fantastic. I Love Dragons. It is on my Family Crest. Upvoted, Resteemed, Followed. Found you in the Steemit Artists Group on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/groups/steemitartists


Thanks Rod!


Nice to see you get rewarded for this work. Awesome.


Yes, I was so shocked and excited when I opened Steemit this morning to see the awesome response to his work! I'm looking at making a second account now that will become my account and then Moderndragon will be for all things relating to our website and his art. That way people looking for dragons won't have to look through photos of my cats and garden :)

Cool! Like those figures. :)


Thanks so much!

Right in the basket of this dragonlover. Great job, I love it!


Thank you so much! Glad you like them :)

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OMG, That was awesome! I wish my skill be like this.


Thank you! It has taken many years to get here :)


Self-study or did you take some courses?


Self study. There are so many free resources on the internet and some great books out there.

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Thank you so much. Thanks for stopping by!

Wow! Really cool. Rstmd!

these are amazing! the red dragon is my fave. I also checked his ArtStation page, awesome work! And i love the 'how many dragons it takes to light up a lightbulb' - funny and clever!


Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm glad you Enjoyed them 😊

That so awesome, I am into this kind of work big time! I'm following!


Awesome! Thanks for the follow!

Wow! really stunning designs. what is your inspiration? films? tv shows or any illustrator in particular?


Thank you!
I am a huge fan of Smaug, the GoT dragons and generally anything to do with dinosaurs.
The artist John Howe has been a big influence in my drawing style and James Gurney my inspiration for color and light use.
The sculpting I have learnt along the way and I am always expanding the visual library in my head by using reference when I draw something new. That way I learn what something looks like so that I can draw from memory the next time.