Logan, certified drawing

in art •  7 months ago


I hope you like and appreciate original content and not copied from any website. Thank you.

Espero sepan apreciar el contenido creado por uno mismo y no como los miles de posts copiados que hay dando vueltas. Gracias


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Buenísimo tu trabajo. wow.

Incredible. Resteemed. And I sent a bid to @honestbot for this post, so you should get a decent-sized upvote in an hour or two!

You just received a 54.64% upvote from @honestbot, courtesy of @sethlinson!

Very nice!!! how long is your drawing process?

WOW. You are the best. And that pose! Lovin' every part of it! ;-)

Wow! you really captured him. I need to see the movie :D

Amazing details, love the shadows!