I did Ozzy's portrait on his birthday. / Hice el retrato de Ozzy en el día de su cumpleaños

in art •  last year


The Prince of Darkness is celebrating his 69th birthday on Sunday.

El Príncipe de Las Tinieblas celebra hoy domingo 69 años.

20160711_032416 (Custom).jpg20160711_033420 (Custom).jpg20160711_034743 (Custom).jpg20160711_051121 (Custom).jpg20160711_055816 (Custom).jpg20160711_055838 (Custom).jpgfinal2.png

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Awesome art. Passing this on so my followers can enjoy it also.

Very realistic! You are very skilled and talented, @miyata1987! Followed you not to miss your masterpieces

Quedó genial :D ¡Excelente tributo para un cumpleaños!

Wow! Lol, really puts my skills to shame, but what a great likeness you've made! Thanks,