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At the beginning of the year we had to dress up for a fun sports day at our school. Our class's theme was from the movie Suicide Squad. Girls dressed up as Harley Quinn and the boys as Joker.

Making do with what I have

I only had a R50 budget. This wasn't just a challenge but I also had to use what I could find at home to make this happen.


  • Old black tights: I cut them shorter into hot pants and added belt loops with the cut offs
  • Long sleeve white top: Cut the sleeves into ¾ sleeves and sewed them. Added silver hearts at the hip hem
  • Black, red and blue fabric paint
  • Red and blue glitter
  • Paint sealer
  • Black netting

I mixed the blue glitter with the blue fabric paint and thinned the paint with water. Did the same with the red paint and glitter. Then used the paint on my black hot pants. After blue and red paint totally dried I coated it with paint sealer.

My top I also painted with that black, red and blue fabric paint. After paint dried i cut holes into my top and sewed black netting into the holes.


I found and used silver chain, knife pendant, old zipper, black valcro, press on studs and biker badge to make two bracelets.

My belt I decorated with another biker badge, chains and beads I found and put together.

My chocker necklace I used gold cardboard and cut out the letters I needed. These I sewed onto my netted black chocker using beads so that thread would not tear through the cardboard.

I had to go out and buy black net stockings and gloves.


I used the black paint for my face and back, blue and red eyeshadow for my eyes and red lipstick for my lips.

Picture of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

picture share

This was the only photo I could find that could be sourced.

My creative results

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