oil reproduction/study - van gogh . portrait without ear

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i just love and respect Van Gogh; i chose to do this reproduction cause i really suck at color and oil and who better to learn from then Vincent, his use of color is mind blowing. and also very frustrating to replicate, as i was to find out over the 3-4 days it took to do this

it was sooo frustrating and really rewarding at the same time, enjoy! and its painted over some older doodle stuff, so you get two for the price of one hehe

disclaimer* this is like my third oil painting attempt ever so don't be judgy

i only used oli brushes for the construction as i wasn't that interested in the precision as much as the color.

so i'm just finding some rough proportions, just to get a sense, mostly just blocking out the old painting

i really like this in between stage, the morph. and its a funny coincidence - the old painting had some sketches of simple geometry, circles and hexagons and arrows kinda morphing and joining - i guess morphing was this canvas' destiny hehe

this is a frustrating stage where the base color is nowhere near what i feel it should be and the form isn't that great either. puppy eyed Vincent is obviously sad for me

Ume - my cat, my judge, my muse, stamps on the seal of approval

starting to realize i have no chance of replicating the brush work

so maybe practice some strokes on the hat

palette getting messier and canvas getting flatter. after a bit of drying the colors are really toned down, maybe it has to do with the cooking sunflower seed oil i used. it was all i had at the time, i know its wrong but really felt like painting a.s.a.p.

hat is no good, needs redoing, back to grey hat

did i mention i haven't finished it?!
this is it today, hope i get around to finishing it the next few days. hope you had fun with my frustrations in color and maybe even found some inspiration. if so leave a comment, give me some pointers maybe, its appreciated! thanks!

*sorry for the lousy photo glares and color variations, wet paint is hard to shoot hehe

here is the original i worked from, so you don't have to google it. i strongly suspect it has been post processed in photoshop or something, how can you get colors so vibrant??! amazing

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I think you getting there on your copy. Van Gogh’s brush strokes are very distinctive. Picasso or Gauguin’s brush strokes are easier to replicate. However, I personally believe it’s better to create your own unique brush style even when attempting to replicate a masterwork. After all, you do want to forge a copy – you want to improve your own technique.

I followed your link from Discord.


right on @momzilanc! yeah his strokes are impossible to reproduce!
im not really concerned with developing a style, unless it happens as a consequence of the way one starts to understand these processes, or if its derived from some sort of personal art philosophy. but in my view pursuing a personal distinct style as a priority is a preoccupation of the ego and probably the path to dishonesty as an artist. not saying artists are honest, they are humans after all :)

thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, appreciate it!


I have to say I disagree that “pursuing a personal distinct style as a priority is a preoccupation of the ego and probably the path to dishonesty as an artist.” As an artist, poet, and writer, I have a natural personal style. Personal style develops quite organically. That style develops before we are introduced to other styles, when we are creating because of the innate need in us. It’s only when we begin studying other artists and are trying to grow as artists ourselves, that artists may try to alter their natural personal style.


first of all i don't think its the same for all artists but if it happens organically then it happens, and that means it's an emergent feature - like all things that just HAPPEN! logically it follows that “pursuing a personal distinct style as a priority" may not the best use of an artists time.

"that artists may try to alter their natural personal style" im not so convinced such a thing exists.. a "natural style", these two words may actually be in contradiction even - style is when something is done in a particular way, when it serves particular visual principles and also has unity and self consistency.
when in a "natural" state one has no principles, no particular way of doing etc. someone draws something and it HAPPENS to look a certain way, usually more as a result of their inability to express what they are looking at or imagining. you may look at it and say "interesting style" but i assure you no style is there ((: its even sadder when artists embrace these limitations, that we all have, and say something along the lines of "thats my style, im more of a bla bla bla" - and that woo woo may work on a your average joe but for someone who is initiated will see right through it. and you know why?? turns out visual art is not an infinite territory, we all make the same mistakes more or less when learning, we all try to "cover them up" in similar ways etc, the path to being an good artist is not very different for people, they practice a lot and make a lot of errors on the way, and thats normal.
so in conclusion cause this turned out to be a really long reply :)) if by natural style you mean bad, uneducated, random results then yes there is such a thing (:
if you mean something deeper, like a predisposition pattern for a style then that has to be nurtured by practice & experiment.
so its not nature, its nurture (:
thanks for commenting, have a good one!


We’ll just have to agree to disagree


as with subjective topics (:

You did a good job on this. I like Gauguin's color even better than Van Gogh. Following you.


thanks @kathleenscarboro, i appreciate it! i can't seem to find the courage to finish it though hehe
i really like gaugin too; their palettes seem much related somehow, and i know they worked together for a while

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