in art •  2 years ago 

Cat drawing :) Since this is a small drawing, I did not photograph the process.

Materials: Pencils, pens.

I hope for your support ♥

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Doesn't matter if this creation of yours is small.

The best part is that it is as cute as your other paintings :-)

But, I have a suggestion.

If you had used brown color, it would have appeared as a mirror for Alice's face.

Anyways, keep steem'ing, keep smiling and keep us entertained with your wonderful artistic creativity.

Best Regards,
From Alice's friend,

Thank you )

You are most welcome )

You're really good at what you do... this looks amazing.
I love cats and I wouldn't mind framing this for my room :)

Miss Dara, you are the next Leonardo da Vinci

Draw me next 😍😍😍

Thank you)

Really well done! :)

Thank you @acidyo 😄


haha ) Thank you )

It is so cute, being big or small you truly have a gift.
Keep Steeming!

Thank you)

Ohhh that's soo pretty! @miss.dara

Thank you)

i like this things in steemit @miss.dara

Thank you )

Really nice post, you are so talented :))

Thank you very much )

You are not only talented, you are also very beautiful! ;)

Thank you very much :)

Cool cat ;)

thank you

Looks so cute, I always wanted to have a very furry cat hahaha. Keep it up :)

Thank you

Upvoted and Followed <3 You´re amazing..! @miss.dara check my new post: ^ ^

you are very talented @miss.dara!

Cant blv dat its painting ...its look like a real picture....amazing art......thumps upppppp