How to paint colorful planets in space. Spray Paint Art

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Hello! steemians.

I am a beginner spray painter, I would like to share my adventure with spray art with you. Below you can see the final effect of the image, which I painted today.


Step 1
To paint our image, we need different sizes of round templates. We place them where we want our planets to be created and paint with black spray around the templates, to know where the planets will be.

Step 2
Now we are removing templates. We are going to paint the first planet. We choose the colors in which our planet is to be and paint it with them. We take a piece of paper, crush it and put it on the planet. In this way, we will create the planet's texture.

Step 3
We cover the first planet with a template back. We choose colors again, this time to the second planet. After painting the planet, we take a piece of paper and this time we turn it around. With this card we make a movement like a gif, to create a different texture of the planet. After the texture is done, put the planet template back.

Step 4
In this step, we make the third planet. So we do everything as in step three, we only change colors.

Step 5
Now we will be doing small planets. We choose colors and cover them with a crumpled sheet of paper, make textures and put templates back.

Step 6
The time has come to make a background for planets. In one hand we take a black spray and the other dark blue. We paint both sprays at once.

Step 7
Now we will paint the milky way. We make long strokes with a bright blue spray. Then, with a white spray, we prick two fingers from the inside and make the stars move like on a giph.

Step 8
We paint on the template of each planet with the same colors that we used for a given planet. finishing white.

Step 9
At this point, we make reflections. We need a box, which we put on a white card and a spray of white spray in the center of the cardboard box. (without touching it)

Step 10
You have to delete the templates and enjoy the newly painted image.

So we came to an end. I hope that you liked the picture and the post.

Regards MisiekArts! :)