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Meaning within meaning

Banksy as we all know is one of the most recognisable street artists in the world, and some of his graffiti fetches sums close to millions.

I don't believe that price always decides what art is, but his anarchic anti-war style is loved by many, and he deserves a place in the hearts of many art lovers worldwide.

But usually it always the deeper philosophical meaning behind what he wants to express that captures many.


There is always hope

So, lets try a small introduction to the meaning of the girl with the red balloon. When you first see this piece of street art on a London street, you soon realise that it's a stunning work with a basic red colour set against a background of urban decay.

The red balloon of colour we are drawn to immediately just seems to transcend being more than a children's play thing.

Something more deeper and philosophical is going on here. Being heart shaped the balloon comes to represent the hopes and dream that we all have in this everyday mundane life. It can even represent our love for life or the loss of innocence.

It can also be argued that the child is trying to grasp a lost childhood or a lost parent as it releases the balloon off into the atmosphere.

Like most mystery in art, Banksy does not answer these questions, and as all art lovers know we must each make our own subjective interpretation within.

Banksy leaves us with the name of the artwork to ponder on ... 'There is always hope'.

We can know that no matter how despairing today may be, hope is always on the horizon for the man on the street.

Stay hopeful!



for me the meaning always was cherish what you have, because it may flee you very easily

A beautiful interpretation @kralizec :)

In a certain sense, art, like philosophy, reflects reality in its relation to man, and depicts man, his spiritual world, and the relations between individuals in their interaction with the world.

I will do a post on this interaction soon!

P.S. The sad thing to end it all was that this piece of work was soon painted over by London council!!

Great post, thanks for dharing! I loved Banksy since I was a student:)

Hi @inber - I'm glad the post brought back your student day memories! ;) [I miss mine too!]

It totally did:) I had this artist in my study plan on the fifth cource:)

Steem on @inber and lets bring the happy days to Steemit too :))

I feel like every piece has two history: the one you get out of it the first time you see/hear/feel it, the very personal story you are told by the art, and then what the artist want to tell, which can't go totally misunderstood.

I agree, and the mystery is the gulf between those two sometimes ;)

Excellent post
Huge fan of Banksy
I feel this tries to represent how child feel in today's society. I know when I was a kid, I had no worries.
I was just a child who happily went out to play & was not sub conscience of anything or of anyone around me
Or worried about my future
But I feel has the years have gone on & seeing how society seems to be rapidly changing. It makes me feel that child feel left out, unloved.
Feel there is no hope for their future
It could also represent that as children we seem to love more, but as be become older, that love for others seems to fly away

Your right. Children are adults in a second nowadays! I think this image reflects that lost innocence very well.

The law of mom and the law of dad; The child holds ropes attached the only vessels in an ocean of chaos. Guiding the child the vessels travel on currents of love and hope. Until one day the ropes are severed. The vast ocean once hidden by guiding vessels' wakes is seen. With this new sight the realization the ocean must be navigated alone. Birthed from our minds, pronounced with our breath and inscribed on stone with our sweat. This ocean was born grown beyond light or sound. No longer a child, must navigate chaos. Wave upon layered wave of oppression stifles and suffocates. Ships willingly trade knowledge for ignorance, freedom for air, clinging to ropes of vessels unseen. Unseeing the vessels they cling birth these waves of stifling.

(that's what I think of the art)

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A powerful message that even if we lose our love we can still dream.

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