A Quick Eye Sketch for Late Night | Step by Step

in #art3 years ago

I never got the chance to draw once again for I am too busy these days. So I came late this evening and got hugs directly from my bed. But the "artist" side of myself became alive so I grab my materials and do a quick eye sketch.

Materials needed are...

  • bondpaper
  • pencil / black color pencil
  • MyGel Ballpen

How It Was Done...

Basically, I did a preliminary guidelines for my sketch - put a cross in the center and stroke some semicircles.

It's just a quick sketch, so we just need lines and curves and nothing more.

I did many eye drawings before, and I always do the eye brows first.

Afterwhich is to mark it with your pen.

What I really did is just stroking lines; add more details into your sketch.

I used black color pencil in this one to have some drama; and it's 100% done!

 So basically, the main steps for this piece are:
1. Create an outline and guide.
2. Mark it with pen!  

Thank you guys. How was my drawing?




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