Professional STEEMIT Business Card Design - Black Edition (Front/Back) - #STEEMotivated Art

in art •  last year

Business cards are vital part of every person who are in business. They represents service and give basic information about contact.

This one is black Steemit business card who represents my blog on Steemit. It is front and back side.

STEEMIT Business Card Design FRONT | Download

STEEMIT Business Card Design BACK | Download


Tool: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Note: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Thanks for stopping by! Check tag #STEEMotivated for my ARTworks!

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Modern and sleek design you've got there! I like that you incorporated the blue hues nicely and all necessary info seems to be there. Perhaps adding a QR code would give it another practical touch!


Thanks for your comment. It's great idea to incorporate QR on business card. I will make it in future work. Thanks.

This design is very lovely, beautiful and classy.


Thanks mate!