Hey guys!

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Hey guys!
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In the past few days I was really determined to draw eyes so yesterday I was looking at different eye shapes and meanings of them. well, I'm not a big believer in this sort of stuff , but it’s still interesting and my passion of drawing eye’s came back! So I decided to draw the eye from a one article about eye shapes.

Eyes is one of he hardest things for me to draw. All the emotions coming from the eyes… it's very important for me to learn how to manipulate shadows light and eye shape from different angles. And the result I think is pretty good. So this is my work step by step.

First, I started with gray background just as a base color of the face. Then I made a simple sketch of the eye and brow , I wasn't really bothered with this part because in the end sketch is removed, but sometimes I like to leave it just because it can give a little more depth if the drawing is a bit transparent.
The second step was the basic shadows, one of the most important things for me, because I'm not really good at manipulating line shape to make dimension, well I tried. In this part I was really annoyed and redrew it a few times, just because I wasn't satisfied enough. In this part I put only dark shadow leaving lighter part .


Now it's time for light. I really go overboard with this part every time… its annoying, but fun at the same time. So here I put some lighter parts under the eyebrow to make it pop and make it more dimensional, and on the upper eyelid. So I stopped here for now.


Okay, now it's time to put some eyelashes and final touch-up of highlight and light in the eye. This part puts everything together for all my works.


So that’s it its my easy steps of drawing eyes. I hope you liked it and it was helpful :)


Very nice... And great work on this post! 😄

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A lovely art post on drawing the eye in digital media :D Good text and the accompanying pictures are illustrative ! I like it ~

Thank you! :)

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