Dreamworld Thumbs Part 3

in art •  5 months ago


This time around for these quick sketches I started the last 2 in 3D first, then painted over them. Pretty interesting way to work because within minutes I can set up a 3D terrain using noise patterns and textures, then drop a sun in the scene and change the sky color to get some interesting results.



After that, that gives me a nice base to then go into Photoshop and add whatever other touches I want. Pretty fun way to work. Hope you all are having a good one. Thanks for looking!

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Awesome work please keep it up


Thanks @tokoya! :)

I love these little worlds you´re creating :)


Thanks @patschwork!

Scuse me while I hyperventilate because I love glowy things and these look awesome XD

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Haha, well everyone likes glowy stuff, so it's pretty much cheating :p Thanks @ryivhnn!