Corridor Part One Progress

in art •  6 months ago



Still in the mood to model stuff, but modeling is time consuming so I'm going to break this up into a few posts. I also recorded my process and since watching someone model is just a little more entertaining than watching paint dry, I sped it up "meth" percent and put some fun music to it :D Do not watch if you are prone to seizures.

Thanks for looking peeps!

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It's great to see how you made this corridor, they are ever present almost in any game but I usually take them for granted without thinking about the fact that someone actually spends a lot of time designing and working hard to make them look good and believable :).          


Thanks @scrawly! Haha, yea for me whenever I play a game the whole experience is me appreciating the craftsmanship of the art haha. Makes it harder to get immersed though.

I'm not prone to seizures but that did make me dizzy after a while XD I thought my timelapses of sculpting humanoids made for dizzy spells but I think swinging around your corridor beat it XD

It was still fun watching you modelling (at meth speed! LoL!).


Haha, thanks @ryivhnn Yea it can be pretty trippy, but I like watching videos like this so I figured some peeps here might appreciate it too. :)

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE The process video was really cool to watch. I haven't done 3D work in over 13 years, so it's nice to watch someone else modeling out projects like this.


Thanks @steempowerpics! Glad you liked it. I was worried it might be a bit too busy because of the speed.

Wow, this is super cool and interesting, @midlet :> It's fascinating to see 3D models at work !!!


Thanks @veryspider! I'm glad you found it interesting :) I'll do more in the future.

Are you building all of these models for a game/film, or just practice?


@nuthman They're just for fun/practice. Stuff I do in-between "work" work.

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