Alien Planet Doodle

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Quick sketch of an alien planet and a little dude exploring with his obligatory staff. I made this a while back as a part of a period where I was doing a painting a day. These days I'm doing more 3D because that's what's captured my interest at the moment.

The more you paint, the better you get, but the drawing and painting process(in application not tools) hasn't really changed for hundreds of years. It's pretty crazy when you think about it. But this 3D stuff, it didn't even exist a few decades ago and now it's everywhere in our entertainment. Technology is crazy. I dunno what that rant was about. I just don't like posting an image with a one liner I suppose.

Thanks for looking peeps!

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Those giant celestial bodies always make me nervous on the one hand but then maybe the pov is on a satellite rather than on the main planet. But I do love shots like this XD

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Thanks @ryivhnn, yea the good ol tiny figure establishing shot never gets old :p


Figure for Scale!! LOL

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I like it. Reminded me of this concept art for the new Playdead studios game,


Thanks @plaid :) That's a really cool composition on that.

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