Alien Cell

in art •  2 months ago


Some material experimentation, just sort of freestyling to see what I can get. I interpret something after the fact haha. I know this won't mean much to most of you, but this is the material breakdown of how I made this.


Lots of mixing different materials and revealing the different materials with procedural masks.


All that was pugged into this pretty dense organic mesh that I made by taking a spherical landscape object and displacing it with noises until I got something interesting.

Thanks for looking peeps! Hope you like! Also take a look at the Steem Blast initiative started by @timcliff that I resteemed before this post. Trying to get the word out about Steem, so share and get your peeps on before the rocketship gets too high :D

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Courtesy of @nmalove

Yeh that's a pretty dense mesh, I actually leaned in to try to see the polys XD I see you work out node trees the same way I do ;D End result looks pretty cool!

I like the lava look. Good color combo.