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A Strange Forest Droid

in art •  3 months ago


A bit of a speed test for me. Just wanted to see how quickly I could knock something out in a shorter time period.

One of my all time favorite artists once said that you should divide you time as an artist between quick sketches and finished work in a ratio of hundreds of sketches for every finished piece, because the sketches are where you learn and where you give yourself an opportunity to fail. Because those failures are what help you grow. I hope he wasn't just spouting nonsense because I really took that to heart since I heard it lol.


The trees are all instances and the ground is all contained in one shader, so the viewport doesn't look like much, but here it is anyway.

Thanks for looking peeps!

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There is some sense in it but like with everything else I kind of just take whatever advice I feel like taking, otherwise I'd be so busy doing sketches and warm up sketches and various exercises that you're supposed to be doing as an artist and reading and watching so many things because as a storyteller (writer/visual artist) you're supposed to be reading/watching X amount of other people's work, I would never actually have time to do anything XD So basically if it's helping you keep doing it and stop when it's not ;D

It's not bad for a quickie, looks very arty and experimental and stuff :)


Yea, it's definitely something that I feel like has helped me. I think it's probably just because it suites my personality. Every now and then I feel like putting 30-50 hours in one thing, but if that's all I did I would go crazy. Sometimes I just need to cut loose and do something I've never done before :)

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