PROCESS OF A FAMILY PORTRAIT ➡️✅✅🖼 i want to thank you to @art-venture to select one of my sketch 🙏👍

in #artlast year

This is a family portrait

Someone dream seing all the family together
Sad cause the old lady in the picture se pass a way

This sketch is made by 6 different pictures that someone send me
Hope you like it

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This is beautiful. You were very creative to combine six different pictures to form one.

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Thank you for you support I’m here to support back

Beautiful. I too was about to start drawing my family picture like this couple of months ago cuz i dont have my mom.
Anyway amazing.

Thank you for you support I’m here to support back
And follow ✅👍🙏✅

such a beautiful drawing !!! 🤗

Impressive 😱@michhart

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