Making Spoon with Glass

in art •  2 months ago

Happy day, everyone! 😀

How's the Steemit community doing? How was the hardfork for all of you? 😊

Speaking of "hardfork" (pun intended, please allow me 🤣), I will be tackling something opposite to it, and that is SPOON! 😀 But this time, we'll talk about spoon in a way that I know best - making spoon out of glass. 😊

If you have been following my previous posts about glass art, I keep pointing out the endless possibilities you can do with glass. You can make a decorative or a necessity out of it. And this glass spoon falls on both.

Watch the video 👆 and be amazed on how you can make spoon with glass! If you are curious what glass art technique is presented in this video, it is "glassblowing".

Thank you very much for dropping by and have an awesome week ahead! 😊💕

🎥: Corning Museum of Glass
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I thought it was snake😄

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Ha ha, looking at the thumbnail, yes you can say that. A snake made of glass!



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It is so sad that such a good post goes unnoticed. We are in a ghost town.


Appreciation and kind words coming from you @themagus mean lots to me! Thank you very much! 😀

And yes, Steemit has become quite a ghost town...and it's sad. Still, this will not stop me from contributing to this community whenever I can. 🙂


Good, because we need people like you around. Keep steeming and thanks for your support


Thank you, @themagus! Definitely!