Leo, Acrylic on Canvas Painting...Playing with color!

in art •  last year

Do you ever feel the need to break free?
Lord, Do I!
But free from what?
I think we all have our own cages to escape from. Each of us has our own limitations - both perceived and real.

I have the constant need to do things perfectly ...
But what does that even mean??
I envy artists that just go with the flow and have always wished I could be more creative!

If only I could be as brave as those that just create for the joy of it.

Too many years have been lost. There is so much time to make up for. Such a waste.

I hope I have time left to make up for it.

I am ready to trust myself though.....I am ready to loosen up and stop thinking so much.

I now allow myself to play - to explore, to grow.

I am finally free to create garbage!

I think this one turned out pretty well. I painted a realistic version as a commission and will share pics in my next post (check it out here: https://steemit.com/art/@michelleart/my-latest-commission-acrylic-on-canvas-and-establishing-our-boundaries)

If you like what you see, follow for more and upvote if you want more :)
Be brave.

Go out and create freely!

Much Love til next time <3

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This is beautiful. Please tell a bit about how you made it. I love the bright colors on black background.
It is enticing me to start doing painting again :)


Thanks! I just got my new camera in the mail today and am planning on filming some of my painting and will share!

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