"All the Moon's Blessing" acrylic on canvas painting (I have taught my baby how to sleep in his crib in his own room!)

in #art4 years ago

This painting is a commission I did for a friend, to remind her of an epic touring adventure she experienced. She wanted to be able to remember it vividly and get psyched up about it as motivation to keep chasing those experiences. That is pretty much the main purpose of my art, so I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I think this piece is fitting to share, as I celebrate my baby being able to sleep on his own! A week of Ferber sleep training and he is sleeping better than ever and so am I.

Plus the ski hill opens in a couple weeks and I am not pregnant or injured, so I will get to make the most of it! I am so excited for what the winter has in store :)



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Sweet, thanks!

Show your art in the Steemit Art Gallery
Artists deserve wider audience.

I did, thank you very much!

Genuinely very nice work mate! This is amazing.

As a painter myself, i know what a challenge dark skies and stars can be, but you have done a brilliant job of capturing it.

Great feel to the composition too.


Thank you, I love to paint dark skies :)

Beautiful painting! You friend is blessed to have you as a friend :)

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