Happy Happy Glass Poppies

in art •  5 months ago


This is a photo of my original glass fusion art. This was my second poppies piece from this year.
The dimension is 6"x6". (When I share the first one I will link them).

I wanted to invite you to see more of my art at my new Instagram

Photo and art is my own.

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Looking so beautiful there great work there by you :D

So nice to see you again dear after a very long time happy spring :D

Nice to see you happy!
Excited to see this!

Good to have to you back! You are Steem Cream! Love that expression!

Beautiful Photography.

It looks purple color.Lovely photography.

These are so beautiful great shot by you dear :) and thanks a ton for sharing it on steemit

You should do a painting of this Michele! Gorgeous!

What a nice flowers. You really have a hand for this kind of the thing.


What a nice flowers.
You really have a hand for
This kind of the thing.

                 - spmmingcomment

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

wow so beautifull in ur color challenge of red its ur best color challenge @micheletrainer


good idea @bumingcors thank you!