Original Paintings By Michael Stobierski - Original Artwork

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Original Paintings By Michael Stobierski. Acrylic On Canvas in assorted sizes.

What is art? This is one of 27 responses found at http://mentalfloss.com/:

What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity, devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter, an art which could be for every mental worker, for the businessman as well as the man of letters, for example, a soothing, calming influence on the mind, something like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.
– Henri Matisse (1869–1954), French artist, Notes of a Painter (1908)
Text Source: http://mentalfloss.com/article/57501/27-responses-question-what-art

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Michael Stobierski



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Finally you’re back and I missed your talent and everything is outstanding as always . My favorite in the night water and sky scene , beyond my words


Thank you Farwa. It is so good to see you! ❤


😘😍😚😙😗 💏

Your first picture reminds me of times with my grandpa out on the lake - we always had fun on his boat.


Thank you for your support and compliments!


not only any compliments
your art is really amazing


thanks to you,
and i also appreciate your art.
when you will published your next art.

Amazing piece of art
upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you @markzuckerbergs! I appreciate it.

This is great article and Excellent artwork.
Great job .thanks @michaelstobiersk.
100% like and resteem

The artwork is finish color matching is excellent.
This design is very elegant.
Great work
Thank you
Upvote Restee

@michaelstobiersk - OMG Sir, that pigeon also a beautiful artwork... All those scenery are brilliant artworks Sir... Nice you decided to share them Sir...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]


Thank you @steemwija! I appreciate it.

Wow ...bro really looking awesome ..very nice paintings...looking amezing bro..you have a greate skills of painting...i appritiated a lot....@michaelstobiersk
Resteemd done bro


Always a pleasure bro.......@michaelstobiersk

Original Paintings . Great work.
That is really look for boat panting.
(((( Resteem Service))))

this artwork is so beautiful & well painted. impressive skills & talent you got. excellent post @michaelstobiersk

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Wow really artwork. fantastic sir.

For your post propagation.

Amazing artwork & impressive work


Those are outstanding! I think your experience shared in artwork one and would like to here who is in artwork 2 :D Keep it up bro, this is so great!



Thank you my friend!

Very beautiful artwork and this is original hard work.
Great experience sir.
Thanks @michaelstobiersk
Have a great day.

@michaelstobiersk........... Lovely art.
artworks have a different quality in humans.
i love you post and @resteemied.+ following.

I do love the pretty lady standing with the trees❤️


Thank you @gladysmak! It is always good to see you. ❤

Wonderful work in the painting by you so nice to see your work always

Wow...such a wonderful and creative original artworks collection by @michaelstobiersk sir...
I'm really like secand one...lady on white night dress...lovely feeling....
Third one is best and creative...sunset...tree and water...good combination for painting...
Actualy I'm always respect to ur paintings...


You are wel come my dear friend @michaelstobiersk
I'm waiting your next valuble update in this platform..
Happy drawing...happy painting..happy posting..happy steeming..

This are great paintings, I can't even believe those detailing yet, though am an artist too, but I do more of pencil work and am sure you would love them, but I most confess, you are indeed a talented artist.


Thank you @tezzmax! I will take a look at your art.

I do not know whether you will agree with me.But I found something special in your most of the paintings.There is kind of hidden story or hidden feelings/emotions in your paintings.It brings the art to its life


Thank you @nishaopt! When I paint, I don't really have any hidden messages. (I should lie and say that I do.... it would be more interesting!) I agree that emotions do play a large part. 👍🏼😀

wow sir..i like your paintings alot and everyday i m saying you that..here i like the 2nd and 3rd one more..they are more beautiful to my eyes than others :)


Thank you @steemclaira! You are very nice.

Very beautiful pointing

When I first looked at the image I thought it was a photograph....when I then focused clearly, that's when I discovered it is a painting.....wow you are really good in this.....i really love your paintings💓

The second one is my favourite! It's is clear to see how much skill, time, and effort was put into this piece. Just look at al the details that went into making that tree and the woman's hair...In my opinion, hair is probably the hardest thing to draw perfectly.

nice post thanks for sharing @michaelstobiersk

hi @michaelstobiersk thanks for sharing

it's amazing art work i like it, following and vote


you are welcome friend

What a amazing skill used for this creativity. Totally glorious @michaelstobiersk.
Color mixing awesome to the background.

Wow, you have an incredible talent without a doubt. My favorite of these paintings is the first one with the boat :).

Wow.....Absolutely brilliant painting works created by you. Lady painting stunning me.
Upvote & Resteem.

Fantastic looks artworks. Is this sell from you sir? However awesome.


Thank you @kingsberry! I usually sell graphic prints of the originals.

The painting is so beautiful and Eye-catching for one I thought that the lady was real best really I don't have words to define @michaelstobiersk!!

Wow fantastic art photo brother, ots looking very beautiful.Your post is always good.
Upvote you.

Your 2nd art is awesome.
This art like original.
You doing greet job.
Keep it up.
Thanks for sharing.


these paintings are so nice and amazing to see :)

Always pamphlets and themes at the top of the tender always radiant Sir
Art is a creative sense that comes from the heart I am the liveliest of creativity
I have some simple talents to develop
Thank you. @michaelstobiersk


Welcome bro❤❤

Yaraoua He is a very talented artist Thank you I am grateful to you for sharing I appreciate your effort to advance my steemit forward There is great harmony in colors This is really amazing and wonderful

Amazing artwork!!!

specially the 1st one!! 👌

First and second painting is very beautiful.

Awesome paintings dear, thanks for sharing .

Hello @michaelstobiersk,

Extraordinary good artwork & nice paintings of your talented artworks. Incredible painting & nice sharing.


Thanks for sharing your photos for artwork . Professional work deserves all the encouragement of my greetings to you .

Your art is pure, simple and beautiful
In its simplicity of beauty

A genuine and wonderful artwork . Greetings to you for your efforts Sir


Thank you very much!


Great art work thanks for sharing!

Wow! Brilliant and amazing art work my friend.

It really looks so professional.

Truly, wonderful work @michaelstobiersk! 😊

Thanks for sharing this post.😊

Have a wonderful day!!

Great art work @michaelstobiersk!
I love second and fourth painting.

Thanks for sharing this post.💚

Have a good day!

You are more and more talented. How are you?

Amazing artwork my friend! Upvoted!

Amazing art, I love it! Thanks for sharing with us.
Also resteemed.

Wow this paintings are simply amazing, keep up the good work !!!

Pretty awesome paintings buddy !
The 1st and 3rd one are the best !

This picture is amazing... Every picture have own story in it...

Love it my dear friend ❤️