Coffee is the best

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Coffee is a beverage that has been roasted coffee beans and smoothed into powder. 2 Coffee is one of the world's most cultivated commodities in more than 50 countries. Two common coffee tree varieties are Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora) and Arabica Coffee (Coffea arabica).coffee trees image

The processing of coffee before it can be drunk through a long process that is from the harvesting of coffee beans that have been ripe either by machine or by hand [3] then done the processing of coffee beans and drying before becoming coffee. The next process is penyangraian with varying degrees degree. After penyangraian coffee beans milled or smoothed into a coffee powder before coffee can be drunk. 4 image types of coffee drinks image

imageHistory records that the discovery of coffee as a nutritious drink and berenergipertama times discovered by the Etiopiadi Nation of Africa around 3000 years (1000 BC) ago. 5 Coffee continues to grow until today became one of the most popular beverages in the world consumed by various societies. [Need a reference] Indonesia alone has been able to produce more than 400 thousand tons of coffee per year.drinking coffee in the afternoon while looking at the beautiful scenery image 6 Despite its intriguing taste and aroma, coffee can also reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, gall stones, and various heart diseases imageand apply for someone with a cup of coffee and a rose

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