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Everybody knows what is IQ, right ?

Merriam Webster describes it as : "the ratio of the mental age (as reported on a standardized test) to the chronological age multiplied by 100"

Einstein is probably the first figure that comes to your mind having an IQ of around 160-180. Well, the maximum recorded IQ is around 300. Don't ask who, that will only add to your miseries !
So, how much of it do you have ?
Well, maybe some of you are very bright, but most of us are not that bright and have an IQ of about 100.

Certain facts about IQ that we all should be very clear about

  • IQ is NOT a constant figure. It changes from time-to-time in a person's life.
  • IQ encompasses everything from Music, Art, Dance(M.A.D. !!), Comprehension Skills, Reasoning Capabilities and so on. So, the class topper may NOT always be the brightest student(rather that is hardly ever true. Most of the times especially at school, they are the most dumbest assortment of rote learners !!), but rather the one who is active in everything and is able to manage and excel in all maybe the one !
  • Scientists have found that IQ can be improved by training the brain, so don't worry !!

Well we aren't talking of IQs anymore.

We are going to talk ART !!

Art is all about imagination. It is rather not just art, but in general imagination power is required for any type of creativity. More over, our brain is a graphics based computer. It can remember and process more data graphically, than in any other form. So, let's check how powerful our imagination is !, let's start.
We will try to make a random pattern with pen, and then try to convert it to something sensible....the more realistic or clear the final drawing looks, the better is our imagination power, the more is our IQ !!

Step-1 (Scribble !!)

New Doc 2019-02-03 17.12.11_1.jpg
[Author : Martin Medro]

Step-2 (Figuring out the most evident features)

New Doc 2019-02-03 17.12.11_2.jpg
[Author : Martin Medro]

Step-3 (Further detailing !)

New Doc 2019-02-03 17.12.11_3.jpg
[Author : Martin Medro]

...and then something fantastic happens !

New Doc 2019-02-03 17.12.11_4.jpg
[Author : Martin Medro]

I nearly destroyed my drawing ! Maybe you have a better imagination power, and better IQ !! TRY IT OUT ! Create a scribble, and try transforming to a sensible drawing !
Let me know if you can really identify the creature in my drawing !! (I am sure you'll not be able to ! I am a dim bulb !!)

Note :

  • The more complex the scribble the more difficult it becomes to transform it to an identifiable figure. So, if you are working on a complex pattern, you are already ahead !
  • The lesser extra features you add in order to transform the scribble, the more intelligent you are !

Keep exercising your gray matter ! Don't let it become a dim bulb !!

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