UnFuck the World.

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Painting this important moment in history is one of the greatest joys of my life and the vehicle I traverse this subject matter is what I call Metaphysical Surrealism. What is the story of us and why is so much of our lives caught up in paying off the right to have a moment of freedom, if that is even possible? Bringing the story of "Operation Paperclip" to life in an oil painting is in line with much of the work I have created over the past 30 years. From pieces like "How The West Was Lost"portraying the failed progress of the colonization of America ...

How the West was Lost.jpg

... to "Salty Old Crackers", a critical-minded chuckle at our foreign policy and the pre-text to invading Iraq and manifesting PNAC (Project for the New American Century) starring the Bush Cabinet Family Cabal sat around a red-flagged world globe, demarcating middle eastern territories for their taking while furiously chomping away on saltines.

Salty Old Crackers.jpg

This methodology of re-articulating the perceived story of our lives is crucial for me if I want to evolve to a higher level in consciousness and not get bogged down by the nefarious state-sponsored public insane asylum. I believe that without people who are awoke like the late great comedians Bill Hicks & George Carlin, without intellectuals like Cornel West & Maya Angelou, humanity will simply become a blank surface, awaiting the impressions our corrupt system applies to us. It is in the beautiful mind, preserved in words for us to read, where the freedom and equality as described by Ralph Waldo Emerson blossoms into our social contracts. Heroes who braved the very idea of exploring the self in a time when subjugation and punishment were used to coerce society into some phony ideal meant to represent the American Dream. Beauty & Pain expressed through the writings of Langston Hughes in "I've Known Rivers" or Walt Whitman's "The Body Electric" as well the scientific imagination reflecting human psyche in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".

These and countless other deep souls have been replaced by callow Pop Trends and Retroisms to keep our minds idle and complacent. American Jerk-off Celebrities are perhaps the most obvious examples amongst the billions of slaves reiterating the psychopathology throughout society, feeding the apathy we have become so unaware of. So here it is, Metaphysical Surrealism in an erupting blaze of creativity to unfuck the mind of humanity (that is my hope) and free up some space on the social hard drive so we may re-establish our true connection to nature and the laws governing this beautiful universe! Fuck big brother and the system he rode in on! Print drops this Saturday 06.09.18 @ 11:11AM PST @ www.mearone.com. More details to follow ... Secret Society ...

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Keep up the fantastic work! I admire your talent. It always puts a smile on my face when it comes to delivering a message.

Much respect!