"This Is America" a.k.a. (Bangin' Down the Block)

in art •  last year 


"This Is America" a.k.a (Bangin' Down the Block) 18x18 inches acrylic on canvas, my pulp apocalyptic piece where barbarian herdsmen and fellow warrioresses rise up out of the ghetto, whoo ridin' woolly mammoths down wall street bringing about the fall of the American Empire, reminiscent of the sacking of Rome by Hannibal of Carthage on the backs of elephants to the Mongol invasions by native tribesmen striking terror across the lands. This piece pays homage to the lowbrow & graffiti art movement I got my start in on Melrose throughout the wild 80s & 90s. Had such a great time painting it for my friends at Static Medium and their first curated group show at Gallery 1988 opening tomorrow night!

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Your War Mammoth reminds me of Mad Max Fury Road.

Mad Max Fury Road