The greatest conspiracy to present itself yet!

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In 2013 a team of researchers led by LA Marzulli and including Brien Foerster began working on a scientific understanding and explanation to the ancient Paracas Elongated skulls. These strange skulls (some of which contain several times our brain mass, suggesting they were of a much larger body and being than us) show genetic relation to the area of red hair origin in Northern Iran, where we also find roots of the red-haired royalty in ancient Egypt and is a distinct lineage found throughout many Iranians, Indians, and obviously the Irish and Nordic peoples. This doesn’t even scratch the surface on the countless tales and myths of 7-12’ tall red-haired giants encountered by European sailors in the Middle Ages during their voyages across the Southern Pacific and South America.

elongated skull lithogrpah.jpg

These skulls have been an enigma for hundreds of years, posing more questions than answers for researchers whose own efforts have been severely curtailed by academic red tape and a top-down systematic process put in place to prevent society from learning about our complex history. Could the version of history we have been taught represent nothing more than a compromise between the claws of religion and the institute of education who ultimately have taken control over the knowledge about who we are? For if so, and for whatever reason these incredible discoveries have been hidden from our knowing or simply destroyed, then we have been lied to and parts of our ancient world have been covered up and manipulated to avoid a disruption of humanity’s timeline.


But all that is about to change. Thanks to independent minds like Brien & LA the evidence is beginning to redefine and reassemble the past in a more accurate measure through their research on these newly resurfaced elongated skulls. A revolution is sweeping the historical field right now and in my opinion this is the greatest conspiracy to present itself yet.

My obsession with these skulls is part and parcel of a life-long quest to dig deep into the core problem of humanity. There are individuals, communities, and other organized groups and religions that teach separation and difference, hierarchy and hate, that serve to label and define our person. They instill the belief that some are chosen and others in comparison are not so special, complete untruths that accumulate power through numbers. No one is part of some chosen or holier than thou race, and the further we separate ourselves from this root understanding of our being, the greater the roots of these stories of pure hate grow. Soon we will have separated ourselves not only from each other, but from our past. But the evidence of our past persists. It is evidence staring us right in the face, perhaps in the form of a preserved ancient elongated skull or a story scribed in cuneiform of a more advanced race of sentient beings who inhabited this planet long before ours, and if we listen carefully we may hear about the magic of a shared historical experience here on this earth, an open dialogue with our ancient ancestors, connecting our senses, aligning our perspectives, offering warnings, as well as solutions.

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Very cool article and artwork. I'm fascinated with this stuff too and follow guys like Graham Hancock and Joseph P. Pharrell as the real sources of info on these topics. Does the art work piece have a title?