On Dharma & Corporate Karma

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Revolutions come in many forms, but police states always remain the same. The brutality of enforcement has been the crutch of humanity throughout our written history. Time and time again colonizers, empires, dictators, tyrants all try to suppress the freedoms of individuals to control the masses as instruments for their dictatorial rule. Meanwhile the military and corporate financial institutions wreak havoc around the planet, preying upon our division. Nobody knows what is true anymore. You’re either with him or her, the issue is either black or white, Democrat or Republican and we are expected to fall into line in fear & silence. The consequences of this system of global tyranny over individual freedoms in exchange for a supposed safe & secure society is an age old tale passed down to us by Orwell, Huxley & Clarke and so many other thinkers past and present, sharing knowledge from deep within their soul, begging our critical reaction to this level of oppression into the future of our now, locked away somewhere in our collective historical amnesia.

Currently, we find ourselves in a virtual reality, through social media we look for each other peering into our future and it is this very medium of communication influenced by pop culture trends and the msm that seems to have created division amongst the peoples of the world with differing ideologies, disconnecting us from each other and our shared history of humanity about who we are, where we all came from, what we are capable of. This paradox we face is one of our greatest human dilemmas.

But the true realization is that revolution represents a turning of the wheel. We are all part of this great wheel of life, the turning of every atom that makes up our physical body to every star turning the solar systems that circle around them. We are the wheel in this dharma, this cycle of life, and it is our natural right and our duty, as enshrined by Thomas Jefferson over 240 years ago in our Declaration of Independence, to overthrow these systems that oppress us when they have ceased to represent us. We the People have become overly apathetic and our country is a filthy garbage dump that has been mined for every bit of resources and sold to the highest bidder. Our corporatocracy has ran up an enormous karma bill and they expect us to pay it. The political systems are corrupt and they are designed to be that way since the very beginning by a rich and few elite to rule the masses. Govern(“control”)- Ment(“mentality”) has never been more obvious. We Americans have been fooled by our two party system, and the greens and progressives in-between. They are all corruptible and rely on one thing only … money. America is a beautiful multicultural, multi liberal, multilingual, multifunctional, multifaceted idea manifest in physical form. We are overdue for a revolution to begin in the minds of its citizens first & foremost.

"American Revolution" is my newest print, now available on my webstore at store.mearone.com. Bitpay payment option coming soon! Fight the Power Earth People!



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