"How the West was Lost"

in art •  last year

In 1997 I took time off from the streets doing graffiti to paint this image of “How the West was Lost” (below) protesting the Yucca mountain nuclear waste site, as well the entire fucking history we inhabit here in America. I feel it's more relevant now than it was then. What’s taking place at Standing Rock is in my opinion ground zero for the current war on humanity.
How the West was Lost.jpg
The DAPL protestors faced a mighty militarized force that used experimental weapons against their efforts to protect natural rights to sacred land, the history it embodies, clean water, basic freedoms. Young protestors were hit with concussion grenades, blowing their limbs apart, and severely injuring hundreds of others. And for what. The pipeline has already begun to leak.
A quick scan of the South and Midwestern United States through Google Earth reveals our country under siege by oil profiteers on a whole new level. It’s literally fracking (as well chemtrails & deforestation) out of control and there are tens of thousands of these wells impregnating Mother Earth with its venomous capitalist poison. This is an ideological legacy promulgated by the petrodollar banking cartel in cahoots with politicians, who themselves are informed by academics whose 'evidence-based' research is itself funded by those same dirty monies! All these actors work together to control the dissemination of knowledge about Tesla-derived alternative energies, plasma reactors, and the like, all renewable, all free. Our land is not for sale! And isn’t the real truth actually that Mother Nature, not money, wields the ultimate power over this world?
Civilizations fall when the environment falters. I truly believe that our spiritual involvement with nature, our connection to the planet, whether expressed through pro-environmental policies or some other shift in human behavior on a more heretofore unquantifiable metaphysical level, dictates our future outcomes. In this spirit, I say we tear this whole fucking system apart and help Mother Earth rebuild. As the feminist Audrey Lorde once said, "you cannot dismantle the master’s house with the master’s tools.” We are ready for a revolution in how we are ruled, how we rule ourselves, with our own ideological tools, on our own terms. PEACE, MEAR

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