"Garbage Island" Artivism for World Oceans Day

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Our world is in need of our love and caring. She is sick and we are killing her. It is a problem so big most can't wrap their minds around it. People would like to suggest that global warming, carbon emissions and the like are the enemy (as abstract an enemy as some science has proven them to be) pushing forward aggressive taxation agendas to resolve these planetary woes. Others seek to bring about an electric car revolution and new fangled technology to save our world and humanity. While I won't disagree that any of these aforementioned factors do indeed contribute to the degradation of our environment, the primary concern as I see it is our waste. We pollute to create and we create to pollute. Our cycle of continual consumption of stuff is beyond our understanding. Today is World Oceans Day and all across the world our oceans are dying. Decades ago we were warned by experts in the field such as Captain Charles J. Moore, advocate of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, of the deleterious effects our addiction to plastic has when it eventually makes its way to sea via runoff into our polluted rivers. There are hundreds of thousands of square miles in the oceans filled with a slushy plastic soup mix from our waste and it has made its way into the fish and birds and other microbial life, suffocating and strangling them right out of existence. In the end it is the idiocracy of the greedy corporate and globalist elite who have put their own future generations in harms way. We can choose to use our capital more responsibly and support products that are consciously moving in the right direction. But eventually we must ask ourselves, do we really need to perpetuate this reality of material obsession, when do we allow our species the freedom to evolve towards a spiritual understanding that connects us to our world and each other with a more harmonious purpose, rather than a reality ruled by capitalism and consumption. "Garbage Island" 3x4' oil on canvas. For the oceans. PEACE, MEAR

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