Evolution Is the New Revolution! DNA results are in on the enigmatic Paracas elongated skulls!

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In an age of state sponsored terrorism and violent division of people a revolution is brewing.

Revolution 5x7' Oil .jpg
Revolution, 2015. 5x7' oil on canvas by MEAR ONE.

But radical revolution does not pertain to politics alone. Revolution is taking place in the cross-germination of ideas across the fields of physics, history, archaeology, art & literature, to name a few, about who we are & what we’re doing here. Which is not to say that political revolution is dead; it is a behavioral pattern that repeats itself every generation. But as our world becomes increasingly industrial, more mechanical & virtual, the next revolution must be an evolution to re-align our connection to nature, our planet, and humanity past and present or we will cease to exist. Which is why I'm thrilled about the upcoming announcement of new, groundbreaking scientific results that could re-write history as we know it!

DNA mailer.jpeg

In 2013 a team of researchers began working on a scientific understanding and explanation to the ancient Paracas Elongated skulls. DNA results from the ancient elongated skulls of Peru shows genetic differences which may conflict with modern human beings. You are invited to join this team of experts as they release their findings to the world live on February 2nd 2018, 1PM-5PM PST at The Los Angeles Airport Marriott. Due to the high demand for free tickets to this event a larger room has been added. Please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/where-are-they-from-dna-results-presentation-of-the-elongated-skulls-tickets-41872164772 to reserve your 2 spots.

This event will also be live streamed, with proceeds going towards future DNA testing and research. If you want additional information on the live stream visit http://ppsreport.com/dna-press-conference/. "Exploring Earlier Futures" prints still available at http://mearone.com/store/.

Exploring Earlier Futures 1.jpg

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