Everyday is Happy Sheeple Mangement Day!

in art •  last year

Happy Sheeple Management Day! So much to celebrate. A rigged voter system, a rigged economy, a subliminal & overt propaganda machine overrun by greed to promote the dumbing down of our society, the erosion of our constitutional rights by an Amerikkka that meanwhile carries on inflicting even more atrocious and dehumanizing acts of abuse abroad. Manipulation of the masses through the illusion that money is real. One man's profit is another's loss. "Delusions of Grandeur" is a 2x4' acrylic work I painted to help express these thoughts.

Delusions of Grandeur.jpg

Recent US Presidents have done all they can to skirt round the truth - Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Barak Obama and now Trump - all liars and war criminals who have willingly sold this nation down the river. Citizens United is the straw that broke the camels back destroying the voting system entirely, complete submission to corporate interests, mental slavery about something that is clearly not true. Cognitive Dissonance has never been stronger and we pay the price. Caught in a broken two-party system driving much of this nation into poverty, cast in perpetual debt. All our money is backed up with death. Death and debt. In the trillions. Let's see how rigged the game really is. Either way, nature will bring balance, but in a manner not so suited for human survival if we don't wake up and demand higher standards now. PEACE, MEAR

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