EARTH PEOPLE! Reconnecting to Our Source.

in art •  11 months ago

We have allowed borders and politics to define our social relationship to one another and because of this enforcement of incorrect ideology we have lost our connection to our species. We have allowed race, class, and gender to define us for far too long. Which is not to say we can't celebrate our diverse cultures, but we should do so while still honoring our ancient origins.
earth people.JPG
We need only look to Early Medieval art to see depictions of a black Madonna and Jesus as well black folk living and working in harmony with whites; or the thousands of years old wall paintings inside ancient temples of China's Gobi desert illustrating red, black, white, yellow, male, female Buddhas all communing as one.
This ancient genome has been the vehicle in which our consciousness evolves through, but we have become disconnected to its source. So remember this, wherever you come from always know that we all live on this earth together. We are a people born of this planet and it has been the choice of the elite throughout history to create war and division amongst us.
I’m so excited to announce my official new line Earth People 🌎 I’ll be dropping my new T-shirt series in weeks to come for the more awoke. The union of humanity is waiting to be recognized. We have a planet to protect and leaders that must be uprooted and replaced with a higher order of consciousness if we are to make it another 100 years. I believe we can do it. Fist in the air! 3rd eye wide open! And a heart full of fire to fuel the revolution ❤️🔥Rise up EarthPeople!!!

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