Dawning of a New Age: Part 3

in art •  last year

The above piece is my 4x6' oil on canvas titled "Dawning of a New Age." It represents the sacred knowledge known to the initiated, holding secrets the globalist owners have kept hidden. Throughout my journey as an artist I continue to dig deeper into the substructure of human consciousness, searching for truth in the creation of art, the fulfillment of destiny & fate wound in purpose & pleasure. This form of art has evolved over millennia through individuals who suffered sacrifices to achieve realizations, birthing new understandings, a sacred rite of passage in order to share these discoveries and perspectives to further enlighten our species and delivered through the visionary arts. PEACE, MEAR ONE

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This is such an amazing painting, you are so extremely talented. Its a shame not enough people here are able to appreciate your work. I look forward to seeing more!