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all we need is love, love cares!

Kauai is a magic place for me, pretty sure I had a past life there around 1800.
But now settled in Panama, because the people here are all children, just like me :-) We have Gatherings here, but they gather everyday.
I found you through @kennyskitchen and am now your newest follower and voter.
Looking forard to reading and supporting your posts :-)

Life is Good @


Awesome, everyday, anyway, keep downloading that conscious living to share with the rest of us. As a global traveller myself, I'm all about @kennyskitchen new steemit exclusive, by the by. But Kauai ... man, I've had dreams about that island's majesty my whole life and when I finally set sail along the Napali coastline it hit me, this it, magic, magic everywhere. PEACE, MEAR