Collaborating with a Genius: Nassim Haramein x MEAR ONE

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Much of my art career has encompassed ideas based in science, history, politics, and consciousness. As an artist it has always been my goal to find truth no matter if it was supported by the authoritative institutions steeped in tradition and legacy. In my search for truth I came across the physicist Nassim Haramein whose brilliant pure maths mind helped make sense of the chaos around me, a kaleidoscopic reflection of parallel ideas to inspire and sustain my visual expressions. In my mind I see this giant standing against the establishment, shedding light upon the obvious, shedding light upon the truth in the face of irrational skeptics and dogmatic naysayers. To me that is the mark of a true revolutionary.
Revolution is a transformation, sometimes of the physical state, sometimes of the spirit and mind. If we open our eyes we see that our external world is currently experiencing a massive transformation, and if we look inwards we will see that we are too. As an artist I seek out dangerous truths that others ignore. But in these times we also need to find hope in the pioneers that are willing to lead us into a more prosperous and healthier future. Much of my own inspiration in daily life and art comes from this scientist, who is currently working towards quantifying consciousness - mind, body, soul, ether, electromagnetic plasma, whatever we are, we are all connected to and throughout the entire infinite universe.
Every part contains the whole, all points in time and space are connected. Energy moves everything around us, gleaming from the sun. Every atom in our body shares a connection with that same source of energy, every molecule in this universe radiates within universes, spiraling like a fractal inwards. I believe it is the quest of humanity currently to figure out our energy dilemma, and isn't that the greatest irony of all, that we ourselves are that energy; how profound, simple, and brilliant! And so, it is with great honor that I am announcing the release of my newest fine art print "Self-Scientific" in collaboration with Nassim Haramein and in support of Resonance Science Foundation. Stay tuned for details of this Friday's offering. PEACE, MEAR


The theories of Haramein have been all proven false, if I am not wrong. Information with this respect can be found a bit everywhere on the web.

I believe his ideas are radically challenging for the academic communities to consider. I am referring to those who subscribe to traditional means of thinking based upon an education system steeped in legacy (i.e. history is written by the victors), and so that act of defiance alone is bound to attract lots of critics and enemies. Currently, there is a tear forming in the field of physics; Haramein's 'new physics' as well those who subscribe to the electric universe theory along with other scientists engaged in rigorous theoretical and applied plasma and electromagnetic research are drawing new conclusions about concepts that many academics have thus far failed to prove otherwise. As a visual artist I've come to realize that the reality I observe is explained better to me through these new ways of understanding our universe, such that Haramein is exploring.

This is not a matter of challenging the academic community at all.

Haramein's ideas have been proven wrong. No need to go further. It was a good try, but at some point one must resign and try something else. You cannot replace the commonly admitted paradigms by something that does not do at least as good.

For your other point: To what I remember, the electric universe theory has been questioned with respect to a set of phenomena that it could not explain. To me, this is enough for me for this theory not to be considered on an equal footing with the commonly admitted paradigm. As said above.

I beg to differ, but more than that, I can see you have your mind made up so no need to debate here. I am having a very positive and educational process take place where the picture is becoming clearer to me after years of brainwashing by the quackademic-led institutions. The ideas being defined by the electric universe theorists not only work, but are better for the planet. We are in an age where much of what we thought was so is being re-conceptualized with the understanding that there is a revolution going on in the field of science. Particle or wave is being challenged by the "field" theory. Most of the quackademics who try to shoot down these theories are living on their predecessors legacy such as Newton, Einstein, while Tesla and Maxwell's stolen theories remain shelved and that has stagnated the community for years now. For that matter, much of the standard model taught in school is outdated and does not fit the prevailing observation-based models being developed now. So as far as your suggestion that the electric universe can't explain certain phenomena, well, that sounds like an echo of past thinking and staid research; the current scientific community still does not have an explanation for what is a black hole, it is still just a theory, and they can’t tell you why many things work the way they work, still trying in vain to make sense of their illogic by searching for things that do not exist like the higgs bozon, when the elegant understanding can be simply explained by studying the electric universe teachings. In sum, some of what is officially known according to standard model principles is merely descriptive and does not fully explain its purpose nor function.

There is no reason for being disrespectful. I don't see the point with this, except that I was about to totally ignore you.

Scientists are in general open to new ideas, but when these ideas are proven wrong, they are wrong. Current paradigms and current paradigms because:

  1. they explain data;
  2. they can be used to make predictions and can potentially be falsified.
    Until they are proven wrong, there is no reason to throw them away. You can of course have alternative paradigms, but they need to satisfy the points 1 and 2 above.

From your post, I guess you have not understood fully what the Standard Model is. Because it is much more than being just descriptive. It relies on deep principles and works damned well with respect to data. In addition, there are many predictions that are just waiting to be tested. We cannot say the same for all the other theories you mentioned.

Throw your textbooks away and take a walk in the park. It'll be the best education you'll ever get. It's all within.

It is not a matter of textbooks. It is just a matter of science and how to do science correctly.

A lot of what you're saying here makes sense, the scientific elite of the world are hampering human progress, every attempt to explain the physical world in real terms is shot down and ridiculed. Take for instance Dr Randell Mills. His remarkable work has uncovered the real physical truth of the atom, which thankfully debunks the entire field of Quantum Mechanics, which has for the last century, stifled scientific discovery and human progress.

The authority of the scientific elite is in real danger, if Mill's Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics is accepted for what it is - the truth, their beloved QM and in turn, their own prestige will be shattered. Bring it on I say.

P.S Love your work Mear, I don't agree with it all, but there are certainly themes in it the resonate with me! Keep it up, you're incredible!

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