Being is natural / And not being is natural / Like yin and yang, same.

in art •  11 months ago

Is there an answer? Yes, there’s always an answer, but we can’t conceive infinity so every answer leads to a new question. There is no definitive answer for anything because change is constant & the evolving nature has a constant way of relating, which requires us to be present. This process of being present is a glimpse of the infinite. Being is natural & not being is natural, except they are both the same, like yin & yang, they both complete the same cycle. Choice is where your involvement exists. How choice itself is made exists somewhere in the 4th dimension, time, space. In the infinite, the 4th dimension is endless & it requires a strong inner sense to locate your choice. PEACE, MEARExploringEarlierFutures_MEARONE_PRINTDROP .jpg

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