Pakistan Got Talent

in art •  2 years ago 

I believe Pakistan don't need any talent further, the nation just need opportunities to show the world their real talent and wide minds

i just saw 3 Pashtuns on a beach making some drawings and capturing that with their camera with smiles on their face so i went to them and asked for what you people are making these things, they said its our Hobby nothing more.

After a little introduction and steem promotion i suggested them this platform to join it and at least you will get benefit from what you have, and they were surprised when i showed them my blog having nothing special except some good comments and a medium level photography.

All of them created their accounts on the spot and are waiting for confirmation and gave me that photos they took that day as a gift and i told them that i am going to post it, and they are gonna see the results of their work on this platform.

so let's see that shots.

IMG 00221 (7).jpg

IMG 00221 (2).jpg

IMG 00221 (3).jpg

IMG 00221 (12).jpg

IMG 00221 (10).jpg

IMG 00221 (11).jpg

IMG 00221 (1).jpg

IMG 00221 (14).jpg!

IMG 00221 (8).jpg

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