Pixie-Fairy Miniature Sculpture

in art •  6 months ago

Pixie-Fairy Miniature Sculpture ~ Working Progress


Additional to making eyes and planing/starting the male angel sculpture, I finally find some time to continue working on this little Pixie-Fairy Girl. She is 1:12 scale and sculpted from polymerclay, this time I used "LivingDoll". I worked her over a wire armature that reaches in every single finger. So the tiny fingers can not break so easy. I need to do a little more painting and sanding and then I can make her clothes, hair and wings :-)


Again, I wish you all a creative and wonderful sunday 🎨

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Holy fuck!
That looks absolutely amazing!


Lol..thank you very much!! :)))

Aaah what a beautiful little face <3 Gorgeous hand poses, also <3 Really looking forward to seeing this completed, @maysi-art <3


Biiiig thank you @veryspider! I´m very glad, that you like the hands as it took me ages to sculpt acceptable hands.
She´s nearly done :-)

Beautiful work and very realistic if we can say that for an angel


Thanks a lot! :-) That´s my goal..to create unrealistic things/beings, that look, as if they would really exist!

Die wird toll!! Endlich wieder eine Elfe :)


Dankesehr! :-) Ja, wurde mal wieder Zeit, gell? ;-)

Gorgeous pixie she is, her golden eyes are especially lovely and so pretty <3.

That's just a temporary tissue cloth? Hehehe she looks like she just goes out from the shower :).


Thank you so much @scrawly! <3
Yes, the tissue is just temporary :-) Lol...yes, looks like she is coming out from a shower...
Well, I want my fairies to be clean, before they jump into their new, fresh clothes ;-) :-)

Oh wunderbar!! :) Eine neue Mini-Figur! Bin schon gespannt auf das Ergebnis. :)

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Thank is so cool, thank you very much again! :-)

It's beautiful! Her hands are so delicate, I love this kind of work, want to see it finished <3

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oh my gosh, she's so tiny! That's really unbelievable to me; seeing her size compared to your thumb, and all so intricate! Simply beautiful :)