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Miniature Maine Coon Sculpture - 1:12 Scale


It´s so hot here in Germany these days... really hard to sculpt anything as the clay
becomes so soft in the heat and makes it really difficult to sculpt with.
Especially when you need to sculpt tiny, tiny details. But despite the heat,
I managed to finish this Maine Coon Cat :-)
Like always I used "Beesputty" to sculpt it and painted it after hardening it in the oven.
It´s "fur" is made from alapca and merino wool.

What´s the weather like in your part of the world?

Wishing you all a creative day (and stay cool ;) ) 🎨

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Oh my,how is this possible??? Amazing


Thank you @edgarsart :-) Is just love to work tiny.

Your mini cat is always too cute, Maysi, look at that bushy tail <3. Do you have a picture showing all of them together? :D

And what happens with the Lady Frankenstein? Are you still working on that one? :)



Happy you like them!! :-) Unfortunately I have no pic, showing them all or even some together as they are always "adopted" as soon as they are finished.
But I have a miniature show in November and I want to make several cats for this event. I will take a group shot then :-)

Lady Frankenstein has still to wait. My skintone clay is to soft in the heat. So I hope for some cooler days to continue the work on her.

Die ist wieder so hübsch geworden! Und richtig schön fluffig :D


Vielen Dank Nadine!! :-)

Fascinating, great work!


Thank you @montiljo :-)

So cute... so talented
Here is dystopian hot, barely function


So sweet, thank you @yidneth :-) What you mean with ratties?
Cooling wishes!!


Ratties are 🐀
I had as pets and I love cats snd the sculptures but as everybody knows I love rodents I was encouraging to try one day lol

· wasn´t sure if you really meant rats :-) Yes, that would something I would like to try one day :-)


Aww no sorry, it was my fault. Like I kind of assume everybody knows already I am a "crazy rat lady" lol It is like cat lovers saying "kitty". I love them so much. I miss my girls dearly.

· reason to say sorry :-) English is not my mother language so I always ask, when I am unsure, if I understood something correct.
I can imagine that you miss your girls. Rats are very intelligent little beings.

OO another tiny masterpiece @maysi-art :)
Weather here is madness, we have so much rain and like summer hasn't started jet..And at this time of year we used to cook in heat ...Not complaining since, life in the city during summer is killer ..


Thank you @jungwatercolor !! :-)
That´s the best way to say it..we but it´s true. Even some of our roads here in Germany crack!
Good to hear, that you have rain as long as you not float away! :-)

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What a honor, thank you so much!!

very lovely, @maysi-art ! the body language is so nicely done, it really captures the elegance of a cat's gait <3

it is very cold here in australia, the world's crazy like that !


Thank you @veryspider. :) I tried to make it as realistic and natural, as I can.
Cold in Australia?? In Germany, we think that it´s ALWAYS and forever hot in Australia! Yes, world´s crazy in these days...

OMG this is so cute XD It looks so real <3 I love this very much!


Thank you very much @adelair!! :-)

Hab schon an dich gedacht und das das schwierig wird zu modellieren bei der Hitze. Süßes Kätzchen :) . Wie wäre es mal mit einer Nacktkatze solang es so heiß ist ;)


Danke :-) schmilzt echt alles so vor sich hin...
Haha...ja...des würde passen ;-) :-)

your post is very good I like your post.


Thank you :-)