Making miniature Eyes....

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Making miniature Eyes ...


...for a new, male angel sculpture. I made the eye balls from white beesputty. The iris is painted and the lense is from uv-resin. I tried the a light grey, pink and blue. (The blue looks more blue in I tried the a light grey, pink and blue. (The blue looks more blue in
It´s been a while, since I sculpted a man so I´m very excited and looking forward to start. As it is still awfully hot here in the south-west of Germany, my clay is still like butter and it´s hard to work with it.
That slows me down very much but I did a little sketch of his face. And yes...I love men with long hair! :) All my male sculpts had long hair by now.


Maybe this is a good opportunity to show one some "old" male sculptures,
I made years ago. A tiny pixie guy and a larger, vampire sculpt.



My new male scuplt will be a "nice" angel :-)

Wishing you all a creative day :)🎨

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Oh my they are quite dreamy knd of remind me a bit to The Ancient the lead of Yidneth story though he has grey white hair. You are so talented.


Thank you so much @yidneth!! :-))

Oh ja, endlich mal wieder ein Mann mit langen Haaren :) . Die Skizze ist ja echt der Hammer, wow! Der schwarze Vampir gehört neben der Vampirlady zu meinen Lieblings Gothic Skulpturen von dir :) ! Ich bin gespannt was du aus der Butter zauberst ;) . Bekomm ich direkt Lust auch mal wieder zu modellieren.


Danke :-) Naja, aus der Butter mache ich nix..das ist mir echt zu arg. Sommer ist ja schön aber DAS ist mir wirklich zu viel des Guten. Ich warte zwangsweise bis es etwas kühler wird.
Ja, modellier doch auch mal wieder was :-)

Love love your small creatures, always fascinated with your imagination and craft skills @maysi-art, amazing :)


Big thank you @jungwatercolor!! I hope, I can start scupting his face soon, still boiling hot here and my clay is therefore still to soft. sighs

I love looking at your sculptures, they're so good :D. And this angel is certainly a small but handsome angel ^_^.


Thank you very much @scrawly! :-) My new angel will be a GIANT compared to my last


maysiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!

i love this ! i cant wait for your next male NICE angel * ___ *

i wonder which eye you will give him... all the colours are beautiful, of course, but i like the blue one a lot (i trust you that it looks more blue in real) XD


your men are super beautiful amg

.......* ___ *

and that sketch is amazing <3 wonderful <3 beautiful <3


Awwww....that is so sweet, thank you @veryspider! :-)
Yes, they are really more blue in reality! I hope the heatwave will end soon (the forecast says thursday)´s SO difficult to work the clay that´s soft like butter because of the heat...urgs...

absolutely fantastic! I love them! Wow - what is the medium you are using?


Thank you @in2itiveart :-)
I use white Beesputty for the eyeballs, paint the iris and pupil with genesis paint and the lense is made from magic glos.