Little Progress on my miniature Witch :-)

in art •  3 months ago

Little Progress on my miniature Witch :-)


Some of you maybe remember the wip-pic of her head :-)


Here is a pic when I started to paint her head
(and BTW, the ghost on the right side "has a little more face" now, too ;-) ):


But I want to finish the witch first.
She´s unpatient and wants her hair, broom and final outfit!


So I better hurry now before I get into big trouble with her ;-)

Have a wonderful creative day! 🎨

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Love her, here in the Basque country they are called Sorginas and wear similar white hats


Thank you very much @yidneth! :-) Sorginas... I like that word.


If you look for "sorgina gorro" (sorgina hat you will see the costume I refer to)

I like that you make her face so full with expression, she looks like she's one sassy witch XD.          


Of course she is!! ;-))))
Thank you @scrawly!! <3

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Thanks a bunch! :-)))

I love her so much! She's got some serious attitude!


Thank you very much! :-)

Gorgeous expression ! Love the arching eyebrow and her quizzical emotion on her eyes <3 The pose is very nicely done, also * ___ *

Looking forward to see her finished, @maysi-art <3


Thank you so much! :-)
I thought, it´s time for a "character"- doll ;-)

that eyebrow!!!!!!!

· ;-)
Thanks! :-)

Wahnsinn wie du es schaffst so einen Ausdruck bei einer so winzigen Figur zu modellieren.
Das ist unglaublich!


Vielen lieben Dank!! :-) Klein ist einfach "meins", schon immer.
Däumelinchen war eins meiner Lieblingsmärchen und ich habe als Kind immer Papierwelten in Eierschachteln gebastelt usw.
Und auch wenn ich gezeichnet oder gemalt war immer irgendwie kleinformatig.

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