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Hello everyone! 😊

How are you doing today?
Myself today, I am TIERED! It's been snowing for days here in Norway, I've been working hard for a couple of weeks on my Boston terrier commissions and I feel like I'm spending most of my energy these days on staying warm.. Bah...
It's also always such an anticlimax when you're finally seeing the finish line on a big project. It's so little left to do but you're starting to get sick of it so every minute spent at this point is like; Why can't I just be done with this already?! There is so many other fun new projects I want to spend my time on instead!!
So... Even though I still wasn't done with my commissions, I painted a stillife! 😆🎉

To be honest, it was just what I needed! An in between project to clear my head before finishing up my last Boston terrier cutie..
This little stillife was painted in a sort of bubble where I only took a few photos at the end, but still. I thought I would share it! 😊

Winter Rose's, 30 x 20 cm, oil on panel.


I initially thought I would paint in all the flowers in the wallpaper on my painting, but no... 😆 Too big a challenge this time, maybe next stillife!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! 😘

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I think this is good with just the hint of the background flowers. It may have been too much competition for the main flowers otherwise. I also like how you changed the scene of the small painting. And your base panels look more interesting too. Much better.

Stay warm up there. I am melting in Malaysia right now where it is hot and humid as can be.

This is wonderful. the colours, shadows all perfectly balanced. I'm in the process of learning still life with acrylics and... well.. still a long way...

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Thank you so much @longer! Good luck learning stillife painting! I personally think the learning process is neverending, but so much fun! :)

This is such a beautiful still life painting. Oh and a beautiful decoration to have at your home.

I believe that sometimes we just focus too much on certain things and give them too much of our energy. Then it's time to maybe do something else what will help us to recharge. There is nothing wrong in doing so as it will make us feel better and it will give us that kick that we need to finish our projects.

I'm sure you'll now energized to continue with your commission :)

Have a great weekend!


Thank you so much for your compliments and for taking the time to comment @delishtreats! 💕 I completely agree with you, changing things up in a creative process really works as a recharge for myself 😊 And happy news, I just finished up the commission, hehe!
Thank you again and a great weekend to you as well! 😊

It is the same with authors. I remember reading somewhere that Roman Roland his fine "Colas Breugnon" wrote as a kind of break in midst of a heavy roman. He couldn't stop to let his soul express itself. Now we are happy to have his piece of art - and yours!


Ah, really @joanho?! 😊 That's a fun fact! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! 💕

Well I prefer the background without all the flowers, so happy you didn't take that challenge! 👍


Heheh, great @guchtere! 😊👍

The ability of artists like you to express reality in brushstrokes is amazing. I really liked the painting. well done. congratulations, you have talent for this.


Thank you so much @wisejg! 😊💕 That's a really nice compliment!


You deserve that and more

Hi mayasky,

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This is a real winter of roses indeed. Great painting piece you got in there and I love every little detail in there

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Beautiful. Subtle arrangement of elements that challenge the talent of any artist. Different surfaces and materials, differet textures and lights.
I've learned that the merit is not so much in how closely the paiting reflects the object but how vividly it creates its own personality, despite the similarities.
This one is one of those paitings with personality. The amazing resemblance with the model is only outdone by the subtleties of its unique qualities.

The artwork is absolutely magnificent. The details on it, the colors, you have some seriously amazing skills. Keep it up!

Hi @mayasky
really beautiful your creation !! I would love to have some artistic talent like you! if I could paint or draw I would reproduce all the things we see in our travels !! it would be exciting. But we really like photography, even if it is not the same, but it is still a source of creativity. Congratulations