New flower painting - original artwork by @mayasky

in #art4 years ago

Hi guys!

Today I want to share with you a new floral painting I finished up the other day.

"Spring flowers", oil on panel, 15 cm x 40 cm.

I just love painting flowers these days! And it's such a great excuse for filling up the apartment with beautiful, wonderful smelling, bright flowers 😍

Here are some progress photos;






Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the weekend! 😍



Hi mayasky,

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very nice painting. also very realistic.
the interesting thing that I spied we can find some similarities with the flower in the Pink Floyd The Wall

Heyo, anon of the net!!!!~ (≧∇≦)

Well, let’s see this magical art piece if the post’s thumbnail is something to go off from.

El reacción (The Reaction): PICTURAS, picturas and picturas!!!!~ (PICTURES, pictures and pictures!!!!~) I love all these picturas and how they document your work, the details of such and how nicely done they are - but more in las fotos/picturas (the photos/pictures) section below!~ The text itself is probably the most sparse I had seen it in a while, the text to picture and text density are very low but it perturbs not me (just read along to el texto / the text section). And how can anybody miss the crown jewel of this post: the painting! It really is just a lovely painting that I can’t stop staring at whenever I am writing this post. Pristinely and carefully done here with every brush stroke, but I got more to say en el pintura (in the painting) section. So let’s go!~

Las fotos/picturas (The photos/pictures): As I said from earlier, so many god damn fotos (photos) and picturas (pictures)!!!!~ And thankfully with so many fotos documenting this very item can we see the beta and finished versions of this painting!~ More than that, these are framed very well to clearly and sharply capture detail for the regular viewer. And I do love it when posts show pre-completed and completed works, helps give perspective to artists and viewers that art isn’t completed as soon as the brush stroke strikes the canvas and takes time. So good work here.

El texto (The Text): To express my shock from earlier once again, holy crap that’s so little text here and the ratios are pictured skewered. In light of that detail, it thankfully detracts nothing from this post and allows me to revel in the pictures as I can take them in more. For the text that is here, it’s brief, concise and to the point. Also good on showing your feelings as an author, really brightens up this cute post already!~ To cap this section off (and to mention everything here is thankfully grammatically and syntax wise nice and correct), I am having a great start to my weekend and it had gotten better just seeing them words!~ 🥰 Hope thine (yours) is great as well!~ 😘

El pintura (The painting): This section, ironically enough, will be brief here. First I love oil paintings, and this is a nicely rendered oil painting here!~ Secondly, this is some nice and lovely realism here that borrows a bit from cartoons (like Cartoon realism). Thirdly, the shading here is lovely and those little brush strokes used here payed off very well!~ Fourthly, flowers are just lovely to paint in general and they here are nicely drawn and painted. Fifthly, the fact you go and draw the insides of flowers are just majestic in-and-for-itself!~ Lastly, the colour palette/scheme is very appropriate and nicely rendered here!!!!~

So congratulations on the @curie upvote, keep on painting and happy steeming!!!!~

oo my God....such a lovely painting you have in there and like i always say what are we if art was not around. Art is really life and the spring flower have been giving an everlasting life on the canvas. Your steps with the pictures made your blog more enjoyable. Great work and keep the painting spirit up

hi @mayasky
really a beautiful painting. I like to see the steps and the details of your work, it seems to be a little in your head and to be a bit artists too! Congratulations, I can smell the scent!

So pretty! And those close ups are showing how carefully you worked. It looks really nice. All your lines are clear and perfectly done. The color combination is nice too! I like these flowers and often have them at home too :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

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