I Am a Zombie to the Screen (story + process etc)

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Yello Steemits!

Today I'm gonna show ya my zombie drawing + story!! #trialbycomic It's gonna be a long ride for ya but I hope it's gonna be fun too.


To be honest I actually want to write a zombie story based of my dream of it, it was a really interesting dream, then the contest started kicking in, and I said to myself "why not put my story in the contest?"

Anyways, this is gonna be the story, scroll down if you want a TLDR version and his refference haha.

I Am a Zombie to the Screen.

October 5th 2010.

I never wanted to live, I was kinda hoping that I just disappear someday. I never appreciated things around me, it was all so.. Meaningless. I can't describe it. Every other day is just like a battle, a cycle of life that is waiting for me to finish myself. and the battle always ends the same.

You can never win.

I don't know when it happened, or the date, all I could remember was everything had shut down, the internet, my connection towards the outside world, it was all shut down.

I was watching some Youtube, it was just random things to distract myself in this world, screens was always my friend to me, it feels weird the people on the other side of the earth seems more nicer than the people around me. like any normal day waiting myself to just disappear. Seconds to seconds watching the video footage play in front of my eyes, until it was only loading.


"Internet connection failure, please retry"

Huh this is odd, it must be my wi-fi. I thought to myself. I reloaded the page, but that only makes the whole site blank, the loading screen feels like it's mocking me.

Twitter, Discord, Youtube Google, etc. I checked it all. I thought it was all just a mistake. But then I have heard that all of my classmates in school can't use the internet too even to the point teachers can't do it.

Even when turning on TV it was all static and no connection. Sweat dripping down my skin, for the first time in forever, I felt uneasy to not have my screens, I became dependant on it.

Days and days, I heard no news, the only news I get are from papers now. Ironic isn't it? My parents should also be coming home today from abroad, it's already midnight, I've been waiting for them for hours in the living room.

What is going on?

I stayed up all night just to wait for them, I was too scared to get punished if I didn't unlock the door when they come, flashes memories of them threatening me months ago, shaken by the thoughts. I let out my breath that I didn’t notice I was holding, my eyes felt dry, encouraging me to sleep, pleading for me to skip school today, it could also mean I can escape that nightmare just for one day. I looked at the time, it's 7 in the morning, I’m late for school.

I could just fake being sick.

But isn't that bad? I shook my head, I feel mentally and physically tired. I sighed, I don’t want to deal with my parents getting mad at me to have bad grades, so I guess I just have to deal with it.

Turning on the TV just for the background noise, oh, it’s all just static, I completely forgot about that. As I turn off the TV, it then played the news channel.

“This is News Forts, today we bring you the biggest news of Indonesia, it’s going to be shocking for everyone, it may seem obvious leaks for Indonesia that the airport, docks, and anything that leads to the outside has been shut down by the government, no one can go in or out or communicate to the outside world, even the TV. But we manage to figure a way out, Today we have found a leaked. Indonesia has been infected, with the zombie virus..”

Zombie virus?.. That can’t.. That can’t be. My mind swirling at the thought of it. I felt like I was choking, the knot to my stomach, this feeling. I was beginning to be in denial, this is probably just an another hoax to scare us all, it surely is just like planet X. But if it wasn’t real, why was the internet shut off?

“.. this virus is doesn’t really make anyone a zombie.. yet. According to them everyone in Indonesia has got it, you and I are a zombie. and they can only be a real zombie when it was put into mild heat or something stressful. Scientist are also afraid if that was the case, the virus has evolved because of our global warming, they were all worried that it might spread to other countries, so they shut down everything to not cause panic to other countries without saying a word, the virus can only evolve if it gets even more hotter in here, scientist are finding ways to make the cure”

Hahah, I guess we have to live our life to the fullest, right? Trying to calm my mind seems more like a challenge than anything. I automatically then grabbed my bag and go to school, I have wondered on the thoughts of it, was it all true? I looked around, the people there seemed normal, my class was also normal, maybe they haven’t heard the news, it was only on TV afterall..

I then ran to school, greeting the security guards in front of my entrance, they didn’t seem to happy with me being late.


Ofcourse I got scolded for being 30 minutes late to class, I sat down and ponder to myself, the only thing I could hear was my teacher and the ruckuss of the class. What in the world is it coming into. I wanted to panic but I- I don’t know what to do- should I tell the class? Should I wait for the inevitable? Why why why.

I let out a long sigh, calming down. I regret coming to school right now. But I can’t seem to-


A loud noise was heard outside the school, I shaken, everyone heard it, and immediately turned around to look at the window “what was that?” “did you hear that?” was everyone asking, I gulped my saliva,


An another one came in, this time I didn’t see anything at this point, it was all bright shining white, and it burns, I felt it. It burns.

And it went black




I woke up, it was all quiet, I don’t want to open my eyes, I’m scared. I felt something has been stuck somewhere around my foot, or half the bottom of my body, I noticed that I felt.. a sick pain on the back of my left side of my back, it felt like it was burning. This is it. I can finally die right?

I sighed, my breath was getting shorter, I feel like I'm suffocating. Then something inside me changed, it felt like a chemical reaction, I don’t know what but I feel alive, a flash of memories of my online friends that I was seperated from the screens. I know for a fact that I am infected, everyone is and I feel like I’m turning,it felt like something else was controlling me, I felt like I was giving it up to him.. No. I don’t want to go, not like this, not right now. For the first time I feel alive, yet I know I’m gonna die.

I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna die.

I firstly open my eyes, it was dark, the lights are out, the only thing that can make me see was the sun shining through the windows, I looked around, my legs are stacked on top of boxes and chairs, with all my will, I got out of there as fast as I could. No one was there, it was all quiet, my classmates are gone.

Then I heard a noise, I saw them, all of my classmate, bullies, bystanders, turned into monsters. This was all a dream, I thought it was going to happen somewhere a month later. I don’t want to die like this, I haven’t even met the friends inside my screens, let alone my idols.

I huffed and puffed, trying to get to the exit I formed various distractions, like rocks, they took the bait. And I ran as fast as I could. Sweat dripping down my skin, and the recognizable pain behind my back.

I was almost out there, surely there has to be some survivors. It was all still quiet, and all the other noises was all made by the zombies, (I think) wait a minute, in the entrance, there's always the security guard, whether he is dead or not, is a gamble to ask. But if they are dead, I could take their taser or bat as weapons..

I looked over, a broom for the weapon, it’s not much, but this’ll do. I hold my breath, tip toe-ing the way. Each step is always carefully planned.

I opened the entrance and..

The security guards, are dead, like.. Dead dead. It was noticeable that they were a zombie, but someone killed them. I looked at their belt, dangit, the weapons are taken. Someone was here, are they alive now? Gulping in fear, I still have the courage to move. The streets were empty, for a busy street I was expecting it to be more “lively”.

Then someone walked slowly from the thick fog.

They reached out their hand seemed to throw a taser at me “you searching for this?” they said, it definitely is a girl voice.

“Y-yeah” I stuttered my voice. She came closer so I could see her clearer, I grabbed the taser, and she said to me “we’re the only survivor in this school?” she said to me.

“Ah, you’re from here?”

“Ofcourse I am! Don’t you recognize me Gen?”

“Ah- no, sorry, I don’t pay attention to students” I then realised, I know she’s from an another class, she’s the senior of the school, one year older than me, though I don’t know her name..

“Angel, my name is Angel… Come”

She invited me to the group of survivors, there was 5 people there, I noticed the quiet girl. And that old man “oh are ya kidding me? More mouths to feed”

“Don’t worry uncle, we can make him come to get more food”

Then they noticed my burnt back, their eyes widened, “what the hell?! He’s infected!” “what?!” angel shrieked to me, “no I’m not, everyone is infected, just because I have a burnt back doesn't mean I’m going to turn”

“Bullshit! Anyone who has a wound is infected, I saw it with my own eyes”

“No mister- the TV said that everyone in Indonesia is infected”

“Tch, like I believe you-”

The quiet girl I noticed moaned in pain, we all looked to her direction, “I’m turning she said to all of us”

“What?! But you’re not bitten or don’t have a wound!” Angel’s uncle said in a worried manner.

“I don’t know.. I can feel it, it’s trying to, take over me” she threw up, and turned.

Everyone panicked, then Angel swinged her bat at her, over and over in the head.

Everyone believed me then, it was months I am infected, the group is slowly evolving.

To be continued. Maybe.

And there ya have it folks, the origin story or the story of the zombies came in.


TLDR version:

Genos is a lonely suicidal kid, then the apocalypse came in and he got infected, something change in him, like a chemical reaction, he now wanted to live, he didn't want to die anymore.

Genos is a half human half zombie, and what I meant by that, is that he is a human but infected with the zombie virus, for months he is still in control, but was he going to turn, or not?

Was sheer luck and determination to live the cure to the zombie apocalypse? Was he able to meet his friends?

Most of these are actually based off my dream, I was actually turning into a zombie! But I didn't because I wanted to live and meet all my friends


I won't explain much here, since I kinda have a headache (not an excuse) but I just feel bleh


Here is the reff for angel lol


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Vote to support if ya wanna, if you have questions or anything, comment or something, I'll mostly reply. Thanks for stickin around. And that's all from me, sweet nightmares.


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wow a story and an artwork ! full on zombie ! good luck in the contest, maya !

AaaaaAAAA I hope you like it ;v; and thankyou so much!! You too spidy <3

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