ArtExplosion Week 77 - Theme: Bodies (A Pen Drawing)

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An opportunity to work on human bodies was presented to me after seeing the Artexplosion contest with the theme "bodies".


It's been a while I worked on human bodies. Most of my works are portraits and abstracts. So I started searching for a suitable image to match the theme.

When I found this captivating image here, I realized it is what I have been looking for. I found it fascinating to draw. The work portreys two bodies - a woman (pregnant) and a baby in her stomach.

Development processes

Step 1

Outline sketching: I started by creating three horizontal lines. One represents the background (up), the down one is the basement, where the model lying on and the middle line is the center, it separates the body of the work and background. I made the lines to be faint.

Thereafter, I sketched out my model with the ease of the lines.

Step 2

Building my forms: At this stage, I started building my forms using a blue and red pen. The blue is majorly for darker tones while the red is for mid-tones

Step 3

Complete the bodies: At this stage, the body has been completed and the body can also be seen curled in her system.

Step 4

Background: To bring out the beauty of the work, I added a dark background with my deed pen using vertical strokes. I allowed some parts to show white. I also worked on the base using horizontal strokes.

This is my entry for Artexplosion Contest week 77.

Thank you.


That's an interesting subject and way to draw a pregnant woman and her growing child within.
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Thank you so much.

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Thank you for the feature. Much appreciated.

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