NEW WORK🎨 : The Way He Saw It, Acryl on canvas, 40x40cm, 2018

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Anyone who has been following along my posts might have already caught up on my thing with Michelangelo's hands. In fact, one could even call it my "branding", if you want to speak of it in fuzzy marketing terms.

It started with a recreation of the iconic pose with my own hands (see below). When I started my blog page in January this year, it seemed natural to me to enclude it on the website. And slowly, it began to be featured among all my other social media channels. Some internet art I made has even been repinned a dozen times on Pinterest.

This was the photo with whom it all began.

This one I call "Touch my Internet". Apparently it's famous on Pinterest now.

So when it came to publishing my first video essay on D.Tube, there was no question that I will use a moving version of it as my intro. A friend of mine, who is a filmmaker, helped me to shoot the video in super slowmotion. In editing, both my hands were layered into one frame by splitscreening.

This is my intro on DTube.

A while ago I started to explore into the technique of acrylic pouring. In fact, I made an entire post about how I love to explore new techniques to enhance my understanding of art and my capabilities. The artwork I made seemed to resonate with a few people, so now I am closing the circle by making the hands with this special technique.

The Way He Saw It, Max Ruebensal, Acryl on canvas, 40x40 cm, 2018


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